Atlas HO, N, O新製品案内 6/7




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HO RS-32 Locomotive

Central Vermont (Green/Yellow)

Lamoille Valley (Green/Yellow)

Chicago & North Western (Green/Yellow)

Apache Bicentennial (Red/White/Blue)

Apache (Red/White/Blue)

FNM (Blue/Green/Orange)

Livonia Avon & Lakeville (Black/Yellow)

Ontario Central (Black/Yellow)

Norfolk & Western (Black/White)

Genesee Valley * (White/Gray/Red/Yellow)

Conrail (Black/White)

Southern Pacific (Red/Gray)


HO RS-36 Locomotive

Apache Railway (Green/White)

Delaware & Hudson (Blue/Gray "Lightning Stripe")

Lehigh Valley (Red/Black)

Louisville & Nashville (Gray/Yellow)




HO 3-Bay Cylindrical Hoppers

Conrail (Gray/Black)

El Rexene Plastics (Gray/Black/Red)

Jersey Central (Gray/Black)

Seaboard System (Tan/Black)

Shell (Gray/Black/Red/Yellow)

Tenneco Plastics (Gray/Blue/Black)


HO 6-Bay Cylindrical Hoppers

Chessie System (B&O) (Yellow/Blue)

Texas & Pacific (Gray/Black)




Atlanta & West Point (Silver/Black)

Canadian Pacific (Brown/White)

Erie Lackawanna (Gray/Maroon)

Great Northern (Vermillion Red/White)

Norfolk Southern (Brown/White/Red)

Western Maryland (Brown/White)

New York Central (Green/White/Black)

Union Pacific (Brown/Yellow)















Pennsylvania (Brunswick Green/Gold)

Elgin Joliet & Eastern (Green/Orange)

Louisville & Nashville (Blue/Yellow)

Rock Island (Black/Red/Silver)


Southern Pacific (Black/Orange)は画像なし

Western Maryland(Black/Yellow "Speed Lettering")


Western of Alabam* (Black/White/Red)




Birmingham Southern (Brown/White)

Chicago & North Western (Green/White/Black)

Delaware & Hudson (Black/White)

Detroit Toledo & Ironton (Oxide/White)

Erie Lackawanna (Black/White)

Penn Central (Green/White/Black)




The Andersons (Vertical PRYD)

Chicago and North Western

Enjay Plastics

Great Northern

Kansas City Southern

Rock Island


Union Pacific


Atlantic Coast Line (Brown/White)

Canadian Pacific (Red/White/Black)

Chesapeake & Ohio (Brown/Black/White)

Hoboken Shore (Black/White)

Soo Line (Oxide Red/White)

Southern (Brown/White)

Single Body Color

Candy Apple Red

Wind Blue

Winter Green

Two-Tone Body Color

Mallard Green/Wimbledon White

Sequoia Brown/Wimbledon White










Hooker Chemicals & Plastics (Orange/Black)

Peerless Oil & Refining (Silver/Black/Red)

Rohm & Haas (Green/Yellow)

St. Louis Independent Packing (Black/White)

Tidal Refining (Veedol Motor Oil) (Gray/Black/Orange)




Domino Sugar (Gray/Blue)

Erie Lackawanna (Oxide Red/White)

Gulf Mobile & Ohio (Gray/White)

Soo Line (Oxide Red/White)

Union Pacific (Gray/White)

Wabash (Black/White)



4001019 Lighted Clock $35.95

4001020 Park Light-Lantern $33.95

4001021 Park Light-Modern $21.95

4001022 Park Light- Globe $33.95

4001023 Park Light- Traditional Single Arch $36.95

4001024 Park Light- Traditional Double Arch $53.95

4001025 Street/Parking Lot Light- Single Extension $44.95

4001026 Street/Parking Lot Light-Double Extension $69.95

4001027 Street/Parking Lot Light Single $29.95


4001028 Street/Parking Lot Light- Double $46.95

4001029 Park Light-Modern Single Arch $29.95

4001030 Park Light-Modern Single Arch ver.2 $21.95

4001031 Street Light- Dome (Lit image) $50.95

4001032 Street Light- Modern Circular $42.95

4001033 Street Light- Upright Angle $21.95

4001034 Street/Parking Lot Light- Centered Extension $44.95

4001035 Lit Building Accents-Wall Clock $18.95

4001036 Lit Building Accents-Wall Light $14.95

4001037 Lit Building Accents- (Neon Quality) Wall Light $22.95

4001038 Lit Building Accents- Hanging Light $12.95

4001039 Lit Building Accents-Wall Light ver.2 $15.95

4001040 Lit Building Accents- Hanging Light ver.2 $12.9














ご予約やお問い合わせは、トップページ「Contact お問い合わせ」からお気軽にどうぞ。